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The new website is out!

And so we’ve launched!

The Community Infopoint website has arrived and we’re more than happy that finally whatever it is you’d like to do (get more information, check out our social media platforms, partner up etc.) all you need to do is click on www.communityinfopoint.com and you’ll find all the necessary info there!

Have a look at all the sections on the website and feel free to comment, get involved or suggest new ideas! We’re all ears since the point of what we’re building is to make your lives easier and help you to get all the local info you need as easy and fast as possible.

If you would like to become a CIP intern, feel free to  pop in here (http://www.communityinfopoint.com/interns.html) and find out how you can make a change and be a part of something our team.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner and bringing your creative new ideas to the table, let us know by clicking on the home page ‘Partner Up’ button which will give you details on what to do next.

We are on the lookout for like-minded people who are looking to change the way people like me and you communicate and are in the know of what’s happening in their area you live in.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Community Infopoint team