About Community Infopoint

Community Infopoint provides an innovative, aggregated and interactive digital platform, which is delivered as a community service, and wants to encourage all segments of the community to help improve the area they live in.

At the moment we are at the proof of concept pilot stage for an initial three months, this will give us time to go out into the Tower Hamlets (London) Community to really understand what the local community would like the iPad platform to offer them. Hence, if our project succeeds we plan to further expand in other areas of London to be able to accommodate the local needs of many more communities.

 The beta platform offers 6 community applications at the moment:

  • What’s On?,
  • Win an iPad,
  • I want to see in Tower Hamlets,
  • Community Champions,
  • Travel Alerts and
  • Have your say (Poll).

The aim of the applications is to motivate the local people to interact and contribute to the platform in order to open a new path of communication within the community, which will enrich their lives for a better future.

We welcome any ideas you have to improve the platform and we hope that many people in Tower Hamlets will collaborate to ensure we offer the best possible service to the community.

For more information, see our main website: www.communityinfopoint.com or

 please contact us at info@communityinfopoint.com.


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